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Around the House with Eric G® is your source for Home Improvement and Interior Design answers. Check out our Facebook page for daily content and click on the headings above for the podcast of the radio show as well as my video series I do for MORE Good Day Oregon. 

Around the House with Eric G® is all about Home Improvement on the radio and podcast! It doesn't matter if you are just getting started in DIY or you are an industry pro! We have something for you! 

We're growing in 2020 as the show is being added to more markets across the country. Stay tuned for more. 

Host: Eric G

Producer & Co-Host; Dane Vawter 

Co-Host: Julie Amato 


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From Interior Design, DIY Projects, to topics for the advanced homeowner or contractor we touch on all subjects Around the House. 


About Eric G

Eric G is a Certified Kitchen Designer through the National Kitchen and Bath Association and is also an educator with the NKBA and the National Association of Home Builders teaching professionals at their national events on advanced design, technology, and building practices.