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Each year Eric works with the Northeastern Retail Lumber Association and their LBM Expo.

Public Speaking


Are you trying to take your Lumberyard MORE competitive in the marketplace and need your staff to look into the future with some innovative training? Do you need to get your design firm working smoothly? Do you have a trade show booth that needs to have an innovative message communicated?  It doesn't matter if this is a work group or a keynote speech, Eric can teach and inspire your audience and have them coming away inspired to take on something new.

Eric has spent nearly 30 years in the industry and almost 20 years as a Certified Kitchen Designer running jobsites and showrooms. 

Eric is also an Industry Educator who can provide education hours (CEU credits) for the National Kitchen and Bath Association and NARI. He will be featured in 2020 at the NKBA Voices of the Industry Conference in Las Vegas. Eric is also an educator for 2020 Design and teaches showroom management and technology in design for them Internationally. Check out Eric G's seminar on using the Virtual Showroom by selecting the image below. For More information Click HERE. 


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The Virtual Showroom- modernize your sales process to close more deals

For Kitchen and Bath showrooms, changing styles can be a six-figure problem each year. Design trends change on a dime with the Internet, HGTV, and Pinterest. How do you keep up? Let us show you the virtual showroom. Sounds expensive right? WRONG! This will save you in your showroom replacement expenses as well as help you lock that customer in with expectations that wont’ kill your profit margin at the end of the job. We will discuss how inexpensive this process is as well as how to design your showroom to get the most out of it.

Let’s dive into the details of the virtual showroom. Learn the secrets for shopping for technology elements. We will discuss what the key parts are to this process and what you need…. and more importantly what you don’t need. This is not just about gadgets, this is about getting the right tools to close more deals, adding more to your gross margins, and eliminating those mistakes that can make a department bleed money with every sale.

Eric G will be speaking at the Voices of the Industry for the NKBA.

Speaking at KBIS 2020 This year

Eric with be speaking at the NKBA 2020 Kitchen and Bath industry show and more information will be posted as the schedule comes together.